Babies4Babies Founder

We caught up with Kate Marie Grinold Sigfusson, the CEO of Babies4Babies, the baby blanket company on a mission to save one million newborn lives. Every purchase of their ethically made in America (and gorgeous!) baby blanket gives four newborns in the developing world a life saving antiseptic treatment. Sigusson, who divides her time between Chicago and Los Angeles, is mom to Theodore, 18 months. We had a chance to speak to this inspiring and stylish mom about her new mom essentials, baby gear must-haves and what she loves about her multitasking DockATot baby lounger / co-sleeper! 

What's your favorite aspect of your job?
Being a #startupmom allows me the flexibility to design my days to be inclusive of both my passion for building Babies4Babies and raising my son. It’s not glamorous or easy, but most of the time it works and I love that I am designing a life that I am truly happy living.

How does your son inspire you?
Since becoming a mother, I feel like I’ve finally met myself. Not to say that motherhood is my entire identity, but everything became so clear when Theodore was born, the things that matter, matter and the things that don’t, don’t. In one way or another, everything I work for and all that I do is to make his future brighter and his world better.  

Favorite brand of jeans?
Once a year I buy one pair of dark skinny ankle jeans from JCrew, always on sale.

Favorite maternity brand?
I’m not a huge fan of most maternity clothes so I piece together normal clothing that can accommodate a bump. For postpartum and nursing fashion I love Buru.

Favorite piece of jewelry?
Besides my wedding rings, my signature onyx cocktail ring, I wear it everyday.

Favorite accessory?
My toddler! I bring Theodore everywhere; the kid is an excellent little traveler.

What’s your must-have beauty product?
Coconut oil.

Favorite kid’s clothing brand?
Dondolo is my favorite baby brand for pima cotton bubbles and classic smocks and Lillabarn is the best for hip toddler style. Both brands are run by #startupmoms who I always love to support.

What shoes do you live in?
I’m barefoot in the house, but outside I’m either in my Black Nike kicks or black Repetto ballet flats.

Favorite children’s book?
Goodnight Moon.

Favorite music to listen to with the kids?
Theodore loves music, any kind, but especially the dance party kind! We try to mix it up but he really goes nuts for Bruno Mars’ ‘Happy.’

Favorite place to vacation with the family?
On any beach.

‘Burbs or city?
100% city! I grew up in a diverse city and was around people who weren’t just like me from a very young age. This exposure to different cultures, ethnicities, traditions, languages and races had a dramatic and incredibly positive impact on me. I’d like for my children to have a similar opportunity to build their empathy and a desire to meet the world. 

Favorite app for the kids?
Theodore is only 18 months so unless I’m hauling him across the country on a plane, no screen time for this nugget.

Who you do follow in Instagram?
#startupmoms…my current faves include @shalicenoel, @heymamaco, @therebelmama @venzedits and @simplybysuzy.

Favorite food to make with the kids?
He’s still a little young to be too helpful, but Theodore is obsessed with the salad spinner so he gets that job.

Favorite stationery?
Chez Gagne.

Favorite stroller?
UPPABaby Vista, we call it our bucket.

Favorite coffee?
A black cold brew coffee (year round!).

Favorite healthy snack to share with the kids?
Our latest is snow peas dipped in hummus or plain Greek yogurt.

Favorite diaper bag?
We’re always running around the city so I use a canvas backpack from Mark and Graham.

Favorite parenting book?
Bébé by Day:100 Keys to French Parenting. To be fair, I’m big on parental intuition and so it was the only parenting book I read, but the techniques really resonated with me. As the youngest family member, I try to help my son integrate into the family, instead of revolving the family around him. Having a baby changes everything, but I firmly believe that being a person and being a parent are not mutually exclusive.

Best Mother’s Day gift?
Sleeping in, breakfast in bed with a great cold brew coffee and a relaxed day with my boys where I don’t have to change any diapers.

Best parenting advice you’ve heard?
Do what works for you.

What do you love about your DockATot infant lounger?
The DockATot is designed to simplify parenthood, which I’m all about.

Favorite room in the house to dock your tot?
Every room! That’s the beauty of it – you can dock the tot anywhere you are!