DockATot Cloud Tot Smart Baby Monitor System
Thanks to the big splash we made at the ABC Kids Expo in Las Vegas last month, many of you are already aware of CloudTot™, the smart baby monitor accessory made to work exclusively with the DockATot Deluxe. We're beyond excited to introduce this revolutionary new baby monitor, which, like the DockATot itself, promises to make being a parent a little bit easier. Here, more information on CloudTot, which will finally be available this summer! 
DockATot Baby Monitor
CloudTot: Making a Genius Baby Product Smarter
Thanks to state-of-the-art sensor technology, CloudTot™ allows parents to easily and quickly track baby’s movement, breathing, nursery temperature, bed wetness and noise level, providing what DockATot founder Lisa Furuland describes as: “The smartest baby bed system on the market today." Ultra-portable and easy to use, the new CloudTot smart baby monitor boasts a myriad of product innovations that are a first in the baby monitor category, including: 
  • Peg Pegs: The First Every Baby Awakening System: The CloudTot system alerts parents when no motion has been detected for 12 seconds. The revolutionary and patent-pending Pep Pegs device gently nudges a baby when seconds may matter, something no other product currently provides.
  • Diaper Change Alert: Moisture Detector: Patent-pending capability to detect moisture within the bedding area, alerting parents when baby is wet.

Dockatot CloudTot Baby Monitor

  • Easy App: Smart Connectivity: Importantly, parents stay connected all the time through their smartphone and an app that is compatible with both Apple iOS and Android.
  • Give me a Beat: Baby DJ Feature: The CloudTot app comes with a selection of soothing white noise tracks, including clothes dryer, ocean surf, running water and vacuum cleaner. It can also play your choice of pre-recorded sounds and music to help soothe baby during rest time.
  • Baby Cheat Sheet: The CloudTot app can record real time vital baby information including feeding, sleeping time, diaper changes, growth charts, doctor appointments, vaccines and more.
  • Insta Cute: The Baby Life Feature: The CloudTot app allows parents to take photos and store precious moments to share with friends and family on social media.

Dockatot CloudTot

What the Media is Saying About CloudTot
Even though we're still some months away from the official launch of CloudTot, we've been so lucky to receive amazing praise and excitement from the mom media. Check out what BabyList, PopSugar, VentureBeat and TTPM have to say about CloudTot. 

Watch this video, the same one we showed to the attendees at the ABC Expo, for a more in-depth look at CloudTot:

For more information on CloudTot, visit our new CloudTot site