The Pink List: Sleepyhead Strawberry Cream style essentials

The Pink List: Sleepyhead Strawberry Cream style essentials

Pink can be shocking, sweet and even a bit controversial. But most women have a love affair with pink at some point in their lives. We don't think any beauty or wardrobe collection would be complete without this femme shade. Inspired by the new Sleepyhead Strawberry Cream from our recently launched 'Solids' collection, here's our pink hot-list.

'The Ruthie' from Bloom and Wild

The Ruthie from Bloom and Wild

You'd be hard pressed to find a woman who would turn away a bouquet of fresh flowers in a gorgeous array of pink. Whatever the weather outside, bringing nature into your house is therapeutic and refreshing. Plus, flowers are a fantastic way to change your décor on a regular basis, experimenting with colours and shapes.

We love this artful and romantic mix of unusual ombre roses, carnations and seasonal foliage from Bloom and WildThe combination of dark and light shades brings a depth and warmth of colour. So it’s bound to catch your eye whenever you walk past. Delivered through your letterbox in their bespoke packaging box, we’re confident your mood will be lifted and brightened.

NARS Lip Gloss in Turkish Delight

No beauty collection is complete without a lip gloss from NARS. Thanks to a shiny, non-sticky formula and universally flattering pink sherbet-y shade, NARS Turkish Delight Lip Gloss can be found in the makeup bag of beauty insiders worldwide.

Nars Lipgloss Turkish Delight

NARS offer a spectacular colour range - you will be spoilt for choice. But we like the Turkish Delight because it is the perfect combination of sassy and sweet. Guaranteed to bring a smile to your face when you catch a glimpse in the mirror. And as a little extra, you’ll get hydrated and conditioned lips - what’s not to like?

Sleepyhead in Strawberry Cream

Our new Strawberry Cream Sleepyhead is a classic solid shade of delicate pastel pink. It’s perfect for parents who appreciate simplicity and purity, without the fuss of overbearing patterns. After all, it is the cute occupant who will be taking up most of the attention. And this delicious shade will frame them beautifully.

Sleepyhead Strawberry Cream

Decorating the baby’s room is a fantastic excuse for getting creative, especially when that nesting urge sets in. The soft blush of Strawberry Cream is the perfect subtle hue for nursery décor. It is gentle and warming for your new baby and can be paired with a wide range of different colour schemes.

Even if your other half is unconvinced by the appeal of an all-pink nursery, he can’t object to this sweet little addition. And it's the ideal baby present for any hard-to-buy-for new parent. Available in both Deluxe+ and Grand sizes.

Knot Cushion

Made from a knitted tube and tied up to create a knot, this sofa cushion is a statement piece for any room in the house. A perfect way to inject a touch of pink into the living room. We love the unusual design and soft knitted feel. Find it at Amara by Design House Stockholm

Pink knot cushion

>Describing themselves as the “publishing house for Scandinavian design”, Design House Stockholm showcases the best of contemporary Scandi chic. They believe in giving their designers space to create and the results are superb.

CHANEL Nail Polish

A chic manicure in a crisp pink is what dreams are made of. CHANEL nails it (excuse the pun) every time with their fashion-forward, yet totally wearable nail polish shades. The Mirage shade is the quintessential pink for spring. Shiny, high-coverage and even hydrating for nails, this is a must-have polish for your collection.

Chanel nail polish - Mirage pink

In the hectic months of early motherhood, it can be easy to forget to spend time on yourself. A manicure is a great way to take a few minutes off to focus on you. To give yourself a little love, when most of your love and attention is now focussed on your adorable new addition

Rare Love Drippy Heart by Kerri Rosenthal

A sweet edition to a child's room - or your master bedroom - we're head over heels for this limited-edition print by artist Kerri Rosenthal. The artist, who creates drippy hearts in all colours and sizes, is a mum herself.

Kerri Rosenthal Rare Love Drippy Heart

Choosing a favourite piece of artwork for a nursery can help set the tone of the room. It is a way of sending a message to your little person from day one. And what better message to show than the quintessential symbol of love.

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We hope our delicious Strawberry Cream palette will inspire you to find your own pink accessories. If you have a favourite pairing, we would love to hear about it. Tag us on Instagram to let us in on your colour find. The best addition though to this gorgeous lounger is, of course, a doe-eyed little dreamer resting in the middle. Perhaps we are biased, after all!

Sleepyhead Strawberry Cream

Fall in love with the Sleepyhead 'Strawberry Cream' from the new 'Solids' collection of pods and Sleepyhead covers.