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Parents of twins love using Sleepyhead to help their little ones rest comfortably--and to give themselves a break! The Sleepyhead Deluxe+  acts as a welcome relief for parents of twin babies. Holding and soothing two little ones at a time is enough to make any parent wish they had another set of arms. Not to mention that twins love to feel the skin to skin contact of their sibling, which snuggling together in a pod easily provides. Here, some of the best--and safest--ways to use Sleepyhead for twins.

Twins and Sleepyhead
Under proper supervision, infant twins can be placed in the Sleepyhead Deluxe+ together. Since twins are typically a lower birth weight than single babies, there's enough room for them to both fit in the Deluxe, which also facilitates sibling bonding and interaction. Once the twins become bigger, it's time to separate them and purchase an additional Deluxe+ size. Please note that the Grand pod is for use from 9 months and up and not for infant twins.

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Play Time Made Easy
With two babies, it can be tough to find a playtime spot to appease both personalities. The DockATot+ with the cool new Toy Arch addition makes it easy for twins to entertain themselves when side by side and under mom's watchful eye. You can even mix and match the dangling toys so your twins will have different playthings each time. 

Sleepyhead as a Cot Alternative 
When you bring your littles home from the hospital, Sleepyhead offers a cosy and safe alternative to the cot. Plus it lets you watch them nap from whatever room you're in. This is especially useful when one twin wakes up for a feeding and the other baby is still asleep. Thanks to the portability of Sleepyhea, you can quickly jump to action and feed twin #1 without waking twin #2 all in the comfort of the living room or your home office. 

twins in dockatot

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