Guest post by Victoria Schneider of The Southern Trunk.

The thought of Cove moving to a big boy bed is just so bittersweet to me. I mean, in some regards I was totally excited to see how cute he would be bouncing around in his big boy bed, but I also have that lost boys mentality sometimes where I want him to stay small forever.

Ian reminded me this weekend that our crib, which we love and is so stinkin’ cheap, can be changed into a toddler bed. The more I thought about it, I decided it would be better to start the transition this way instead of just jumping straight to the full-size bed. We added the DockATot grand we received to it so he wouldn’t fall off the side if he moved around to much and figured once he got used to it like this, it wouldn’t be as hard to move the DockATot to a normal size mattress and then eventually he could sleep in the raised bed all on his own.

I was shocked at how smoothly it went. I think it partially had to do with the fact he LOVES his crib, so when I laid him down for his nap, it was like nothing had changed. We also talked the big boy bed idea up, so he was excited and proud of himself for sleeping in it. We kept the same exact traditions we always do for naps and nighttime. This includes singing a song and praying, and then at night we read a few books, sing and pray again.

One of my biggest concerns was him opening the door and coming down the stairs by himself. Now that he is more stable on the stairs, I wasn’t as worried, but we still are going to try to impress that it’s important to stay in your room until we come to get you. The past few nights he hasn’t gotten out of it until we walk in the door to get him. So, it worked! I am hoping it continues to go as smoothly as it has so far. I am so grateful.

After using the Grand DockATot with Cove, I am so excited to use the Deluxe with our second baby. It came with the sweetest little play set to go above and a carrying case for when you travel. It’s perfect for that extra layer of security for them and for you. You don’t have to worry about them rolling out, and they feel extra snuggles all the way around them. There are just so many uses, and I can’t wait to see our little guy cuddled up in it.

For those have you who have already made the transition, what were some things that helped you and your toddler?