The Blue List: Sleepyhead Celestial Blue style essentials

The Blue List: Sleepyhead Celestial Blue style essentials

Our new collection of classic solid colour pods is here!

These gorgeous colours are free from loud patterns and left to speak for themselves, because sometimes simple really is best. When it comes to classic baby blue, the sweet shade of Celestial Blue hits the spot. Soft and subtle, this colour will bring a calming influence to any room, perfect for helping your little one to relax.

baby lies in baby blue Sleepyhead deluxe pod

To celebrate this stunning new shade, we've created a list of the top 6 things we'd love to own in blue. From slimline trainers to an iconic kitchen essential, these items encapsulate the very best of the blues.

luxury items in shades of blue

Hermes O'Kelly Bracelet

Wear the iconic Hermes Kelly bag on your wrist in bracelet form. The Rivale Double Tour Bracelet in a deep blue is an elegant addition to any outfit. Influenced by the famous Collier de Chien collection, the Rivale features the palladium-plated Médor pyramid studs ring.

The double tour strap is made of Swift calfskin leather and takes a more slender form than the original band. This timeless piece of wrist candy works well in any setting and is a powerful reminder of how good blue can look on girls

Levi's Jeans

A classic pair of Levi's jeans is a staple of every stylish wardrobe. Since 1893 the Levi's 501 Original Fit jeanshave been worn by rock stars, cowboys and royalty alike, from every corner of the globe. With five-pockets and a button-zip, this style has been distressed and repaired and pulls off cat-walk casual like nothing else.

Pair with a white top and some sunnies and you'll be boasting a classic, timeless look no-one can ignore. What’s more, Levi has an adorable baby range of comfy mini-jeans so that you and your little one can be dressed to match.

New Balance Trainers

New Balance trainers are at the intersection of comfy and chic. This ultra-cool pair of trainers blends Parisian blue and sea salt for a style that will complement any look. With a classic low-profile design, they are designed to be worn to suit any outfit.

New Balance has over 100 years of experience in designing performance technology footwear. Their mission is to encourage an active lifestyle, without having to compromise on fashion. Marrying casual style with unbeatable comfort, this is an item your wardrobe shouldn’t be without.

KitchenAid Stand Mixer in Ice Blue

Food prep at its finest! The beloved KitchenAid Stand Mixer is one of those cooking essentials you'll rely on for everything from chocolate chip cookies to pizza dough. Taking cooking to the next level, you won't know yourself with one of these standing proud on your kitchen worktop. Aspiring bakers and professional chefs alike rate this example of quality craftsmanship.

An iconic centrepiece, the KitchenAid is available in a range of statement colours. Go cool and fresh with the Ice Blue, or opt for a warmer tone with the deeper Velvet Blue. Then all you need is a good recipe book and the world is your oyster.

Sleepyhead in Celestial Blue

Classics never go out of style, which is why we introduced the new Sleepyhead Solids Collection (Celestial Blue, Strawberry Cream and Pristine White). We love seeing photos of the beautiful nurseries parents have created around these soft, dreamy colour palettes.

The Celestial Blue shade, available in both Deluxe+ and Grand sizes, is for parents with an appreciation for simplicity, minimalism and a gorgeous shade of blue. For calming nurseries, this French blue will be sure to help your little ones relax and unwind. Pair it with some cute bunting, or use cloud stickers on the wall to create a sense of drifting off on cloud nine.

Tiffany Blue Box

A symbol of luxury and exclusivity. If you're fortunate enough to see one of these pretty boxes sitting on your dressing table, you know there's going to be something incredible inside. Charles Lewis Tiffany was passionate about tracking down the world’s rarest and most colourful gemstones. It is perhaps this quest of the unique and special that is at the heart of every girl’s love of Tiffany jewellery.

The robin's egg hued box has become something of an icon itself and widely recognised the world over, thanks in part to Pantone, who designated this distinctive shade "1837 Blue."

overlay view of celestial blue sleepyhead deluxe pod

Simplicity is beautiful. At Sleepyhead, we focus on creating stunning colours, so that you can add your own personality to our pods, making them your own. Discover your new favourite Sleepyhead from the new Solids Collection of Celestial Blue, Strawberry Cream and Pristine White.