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At Sleepyhead, responsibility is a value that is near to our hearts. We go above and beyond ensuring all of our products are created with the finest materials. What does that mean exactly? It means that we put exhaustive research into the practices, materials and labor that go into the making of our products. For this reason we chose the Standard 100 Oeko-Tex Certification. View Pods

What is Oeko-Tex® certification?

What is Oeko-Tex® certification?

Oeko-Tex (pronounced echo-tex) is the key certification to look out for because it guarantees that the products are safe and gentle on children’s skin. There are many technical details relating to this internationally-recognized standard, but rather than dazzling you with all the science, we will do a quick break down of what this certification means.

Introduced in 1992, Oeko-Tex is the world’s leading textile testing and certification system. We chose to follow Standard 100, which refers to the strictest of all product classes and covers products for babies and toddlers up to 3 years of age.

More about the Oeko-Tex Certification Process

Leading Label
Oeko-Tex is the leading global label for textiles, leather and accessories that have been tested for harmful substances.
Testing is conducted for several hundreds of substances and potentially harmful chemicals, including many that are not yet legally regulated. This goes well beyond any established testing and compliance for the US and other countries around the world.
The certification is completely voluntary.
Certification is provided by independent third-party laboratories.
Update Annually
The criteria for Oeko-Tex compliance is updated annually.

From our factory

Why we love the Oeko-Tex certification

At Sleepyhead, we’ll stop at nothing to make sure all aspects of our products are created with the safest materials available. Your child’s skin is delicate and the Oeko-Tex certification assures us that any finishing applied to the fabric is free of harmful chemicals and is therefore safe for your little one’s skin, face and mouth to come into contact with. The Oeko-Tex 100 certification does thorough testing for a lengthy list of chemicals that are known or suspected to harm health, including lead, antimony, arsenic, phthalates, pesticides, and chlorinated phenols.

Our promise to you

When you buy a Sleepyhead, it comes with the assurance that every single piece of it  fibers, zippers, pull-tabs, buckles, nylon straps, sewing thread, fabrics (including cover fabric, non-woven liner fabric, protective sleeve fabric), pad wadding  comply with Oeko-Tex Standard 100 Class 1. All our suppliers of these materials are continuously audited and tested to maintain this badge. All our docks and covers are made in Europe and consequently regulated by strict laws on labor and environment.

With the assurance of the highest Oeko-Tex certification, you can relax knowing that the fabric close to your baby is safe for your baby and tested above and beyond for health-hazardous substances in children’s products.

We would not have it any other way.

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