The DockATot Cabana Kit: making every outing with your baby a breeze

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  • July 26, 2021

Every parent knows that getting out of the house with your baby is some kind of military operation. Mental checklists course through your sleep-deprived mind: spare clothes, nappies, wipes, bottles, sunshade (or blanket depending on the British weather!), changing mat - we could go on. And that’s before you even talk about squeezing in a pre-emptive feed to avoid a stop-off en route.

Making memories outdoors with your new baby is a precious thing and so beneficial for your own mental health. Feeling the sun on your face, dipping your toes into the shallows of the sea or a pool - we know it’s food for the soul and a real tonic when days indoors can become a little monotonous.

Woman dipping her toes into a pool with a baby lounging in a DockATot Deluxe+ dock with Cabana Kit

Protecting your baby with the DockATot Cabana Kit

The summer months, however, can bring concerns about sun protection, mosquitoes and shelter from the elements. At DockATot, we want to allay those fears and help you create treasured memories with our simplified, innovative parenting solutions. 

Enter the DockATot Cabana Kit: effortless protection, safety and comfort for your baby. Permit us a little boasting as we talk you through this beautifully functional accessory to accompany every outing with your baby…

Created for the Deluxe+ Dock 

The DockATot Cabana Kit is exclusively designed for the Deluxe+ dock, making it suitable for babies aged 0-8 months. 

It’s perfect for those moments when your baby is resting or wanting to kick their legs. And it’s also perfect for times when you want to soak in the sun’s rays or just stare into the distance (or is that just us?!). The Cabana Kit gives you permission to do that, giving you the reassurance that your baby is in a safe, secure environment and won’t roll away!

woman resting on a sun lounger whilst her baby is lounging in a DockATot Deluxe+ dock with Cabana Kit

Safeguard your baby from the sun with the retractable sunshade

Babies under 6 months should be kept out of direct sunlight as their skin doesn’t contain enough of the pigment, melanin. Sun screen is a no, too. But don’t let that stop you from taking your baby outdoors. 

DockATot Cabana Kit in Trellis with Deluxe+ dock

The DockATot Cabana Kit contains a retractable sunshade made with 50+ SPF UV protected fabric. It shields your baby from direct sunlight (and other elements), giving you the confidence to enjoy the sun knowing that your little one is protected. 

Protection from mosquitoes and bugs

Also included in the Cabana Kit is a hideaway bug screen, which acts as a barrier to mosquitoes and other bugs. Simply zip one end onto the front and back of the retracted sun shade and slip the other end over the bottom of the dock (like a fitted sheet) and all your bug worries will be gone. 

 Zipping the mosquito mesh onto the DockATot Cabana Kit Zipping the mosquito mesh on to the DockATot Cabana Kit

All season weather-proofing

There’s nothing worse than coming home from the beach or a day by the pool with a bag of dirty, wet belongings. Or setting up camp somewhere outdoors in the morning when the ground is still wet. Let’s face it, 9am is really mid-afternoon for parents of little ones! 

woman sitting in a grassy woodland with her baby lounging in a DockATot Deluxe+ with Cabana Kit

And so, we designed this neat little waterproof base protector which keeps the Deluxe+ dock both clean and dry. One of our delighted customers sent us this review - ‘This was awesome. Kept my daughter very protected from the sun and I didn’t find a single [grain of] sand on the actual DockATot dock after taking this off!’.

So now you can feel confident on the beach, in a woodland, or by the pool, knowing your dock will be kept pristine and dry. 

No compromise on design

We know that outings with your baby need to be as effortless and stress-free as possible, which is why we’ve not compromised on the design of the Cabana Kit. It neatly folds away into a little portable pouch ready for you to sling into one of our getaway totes, the car, buggy or beach bag. It really is that easy. 

woman carrying her baby and DockATot Cabana Kit in carry pouch alongside a pool

And you can choose from five stunning colourways to complement your Deluxe+ Dock covers: GingerEndless BlueNight FallsRose and Trellis

Try pairing the Ginger Cabana Kit with the delicate Japanese-style Ginger Shibori dock cover for a match made in heaven:

DockATot Deluxe+ dock in Shibori with Ginger Cabana Kit

Or combine the Cabana Kit in Trellis with our new Confetti Stripe for a joyful, summery vibe. Our SS21 Sun & Sea Collection is bringing the sunshine home!

DockATot Deluxe+ in Confetti Stripe with Cabana Kit in Trellis

For that all-American look, pair the Cabana Kit in Endless Blue with our Pristine White Deluxe+ dock. Smart, sophisticated and a real head-turner:

DockATot Deluxe+ dock in Pristine White with Cabana Kit in Endless Blue

With this ultimate all-in-one accessory, you’re ready to conquer the outdoors with your baby. Beating the heat in the summer can be a challenge but with our Cabana Kits, it’s a breeze.

Savour those precious moments and, unless you’re so relaxed you forget, snap away and tag us in your photos on Instagram. We love seeing our products in action!

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