Keep your Baby Entertained With The DockATot Toy Arch

  • Brian Flower
  • November 09, 2020

Here at DockATot, we work hard to create beautiful, stylish products to keep your baby safe and happy. The DockATot toy arch is a simple, easy addition to our much-loved docks. Since small babies cannot sit up alone or hold onto things, it can be hard for them to interact with toys. The toy arch solves this challenge, providing entertainment and stimulation for your baby while they relax around the house.

On the go entertainment

DockATot docks are a flexible, on the go solution. Whether you are getting dressed in the morning, or cooking dinner in the evening, you always have a safe space to put them down next to you. And with the addition of the DockATot toy arch, your baby has readymade entertainment whenever they need. So you can put on your make-up or clean the house with the sounds of your baby cooing happily beside you. If you are meeting friends at the park, your DockATot is a great way to keep your baby amused when out and about too.

Sensory experience

Young babies are constantly learning. As they absorb the sounds, textures and patterns around them, they start to engage more with their senses. In the first few months of life, their vision is very limited. Movement and sound attract their attention and encourage them to focus. Bold, clear images in black and white help them to identify shapes and patterns as their sight develops.



The DockATot toy arch provides a winning sensory combination for your inquisitive baby. While the movement of the dangly toys keeps them entranced, the bold black and white images help them recognise familiar shapes. And once your baby can reach out and touch them, the textures and crinkly noises of the toys offer even more for them to discover and explore.

Building neck strength and fine motor skills

In those early days, babies also have very little control over their movements. The DockATot  dock protects them while they are lying down, preventing them from rolling over or falling. And the DockATot toy arch helps them build their neck muscles as they turn their head and eyes towards the patterns and movement.

Over time babies start to develop muscle control, beginning with random, jerky movements. The first time they accidently bat one of the toys will probably come as a surprise to them. But over time they will realise their own ability to interact with their environment. It is fun to watch their attempts slowly become more controlled and accurate as they delight in patting, stroking or grabbing the little animals above them. You may well find them cooing and babbling to the little creatures as they become familiar with the characters.


Not your average baby toys...

Keeping your baby entertained should not mean having to sacrifice style. Toy shops can be an assault to the senses, with gaudy plastic toys and accessories that lack style and taste. Not so with the DockATot toy arch. The original and quirky toy attachments have been created by two talented illustrators - New York City artist Matthew Langille and Swedish brand Mrs. Mighetto. The result is a toy that you will enjoy looking at as much as your baby does.

sleepyhead fuzzy pals baby arch toys            sleepyhead cloud friends toys for baby arch

 Langille takes inspiration from art and pop culture, such as Dr. Seuss, Shel Silverstein or Tim Burton. He has created striking, unique interpretations of popular animal themes for our Fuzzy Pals and Cheeky Chums. Mrs Mighetto’s Cloud Friends designs are whimsical and fantastical, inspiring curiosity and imagination.

Mix and match design

At DockATot , our aim is to create a product that you can make your own. Our array of cover designs allow you to select your own unique flavour and the toy arch is no different. The toy arch and toys are sold separately, allowing you to mix and match however you choose. With three attachment points in the toy arch, the different characters can be added and removed as you wish.

While your baby may show a preference for a particular toy, it can also be good to provide variety. By swapping around the toys periodically you can keep your baby engaged and focussed. Moving their favourite character to the other side encourages them to change position to catch sight of their little pal again.

What do parents say about the DockATot toy arch?

Of course we love our adorable toy arch. But what about the parents themselves? Here are some of their comments on their experiences of the DockATot toy arch:

“My daughter absolutely loves staring at these toys and can't get enough!”


“Love the extra accessories to turn my babies sleeping area as a play area on the go!”


“Super easy to attach and my son loves the colours”


“This was just as pictured and beautifully packaged. Vibrant colour and good quality.”


“Great to have and convenient during play time.”


“My baby LOVES these little guys and just stares, reaches, and coos at his new friends and takes a high interest in these particular toys.”


The perfect addition to your DockATot dock.

With so much to recommend it, it's no wonder so many of our parents opt for the addition of the DockATot toy arch. Browse our range of baby arches and dangly toys to find the perfect style combination for your dock. So you can keep your little one occupied wherever they are with these imaginative, stylish toys.

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