Is A DockATot Worth It? New Parents Tell Us Their Answers

We asked new parents whether they thought their docks were worth the investment. Here's what they told us...
  • Alistair Gibson
  • March 18, 2021

The vision of DockATot is simple – to give parents a product that combines luxury with practicality in every sense. As with any luxury item, the price will inevitably reflect the quality of the end result. Ultimately, what every parent wants to know before buying one themselves is – is a DockATot worth it?

Our carefully designed docks are loved by parents throughout the world for the peace and comfort they bring to their babies, helping hard-working parents to care for and nourish their little ones in the midst of everyday life.

With so many baby products on the market made of cheap, garish materials, many parents are discouraged to see their beautiful homes overtaken by tasteless paraphernalia. But with a DockATot Deluxe+ dock you never need compromise on style in order to keep your baby safe and comfortable.

Every DockATot Deluxe+ dock is crafted to the highest quality standards, from the intelligent Swedish design to the carefully sourced materials and components. The fabrics are woven and printed in Portugal and each item is hand-stitched and hand sewn in a picturesque European town. It is a labour of love from beginning to end, with all of the attention to detail that you’d want for your baby.

The docks are breathable and temperature controlling, designed with safety and comfort in mind at every step. Find out more about the careful process of designing and making a DockATot dock in our article, "Behind The Seams: The Making Of A DockATot Dock".

Is A DockATot Worth It? Here's What Parents Say

Whilst we’ve much to say about the attributes of the DockATot Deluxe+ dock, the answer to this question is best given by the parents themselves.

Our customers are overwhelmingly positive in their feedback on our products, so here’s a sample of what our parents think makes a DockATot dock worth it, and why they see it as an essential purchase. 

1. The quality of design is exceptional

Our customers vouch for the quality of the finished products.

 “It is beautifully constructed and a great design. Would highly recommend!” - Emily M

“The DockATot is beautifully made and the fabric is very durable.” - Cherri R

“The DockATot has been one of my favourite purchases! Not only is it beautiful, the fabric is soft and durable.” - Laura Cis a dockatot worth it - baby lies in dock

2. My dock is “a life saver”

Designed for busy parents, the DockATot is conceived from an appreciation of how important it is to have a safe, comfortable place to put your baby while you do all the other jobs that are calling on your time.

“Absolutely the most helpful baby equipment we own! I never dreamed I’d use it this much with my newborn. Love it!” - Amanda E

“It’s comfy and supportive and I feel safe with her in it.” - Jennifer

 “Thank you Dockatot for giving us peace of mind a little bit of our freedom back!” - Chanel

3. My baby loves it

Of course, it’s great to hear that parents love them, but what about the little people they are really designed for? We love parents telling us how happy and relaxed our little customers are in their new docks.

“We love, love this product and so does my baby! The second we lay him down he relaxes.” - Samantha L

“Baby girl is all smiles for her DockATot! She’s so comfy and happy! Definitely a lifesaver and it travels well.” - Meghan

 “Our little one loves it and it allows me to easily take her anywhere in the house with me!” - Laura CImage by @karatinsley

4. “Worth every penny”

Many of our customers, before purchasing their own, had also asked the question – “is a Dockatot worth it?” Yet once they'd used one themselves, their overwhelming response was that, "Yes, it is worth the investment".

“This is a must have. My daughter loves this and hates everything else! I was hesitant at first for the price but it’s worth every penny now.” - Samantha K

At first I was a little skeptical about buying this product, but I’m so glad I did! It’s very convenient. I use it everyday, I love it! - Judith

“Love it so much and so does my 2 week old daughter. It’s a life saver. Very clever invention. Although it’s a little steep it’s worth every penny.” - Daniel J

5. You can take it anywhere

One of the benefits parents talk about most is how portable the DockATot Deluxe+ dock is. Its lightweight, travel friendly design makes it easy to move around the house, take on holiday or on a day out. So you have peace of mind in knowing that you have somewhere safe to rest your little one, wherever you are.

“I love how it’s the perfect size to take when traveling or even going over to a friend’s... it’s probably the best thing I brought my daughter so far” - Crystal J

“We carry it absolutely everywhere around the house. You can put it down anywhere and it’s so light-weight.” - Linda H

6. It stands the test of time

Perhaps the most encouraging feedback is from parents who have used DockATot Deluxe+ docks time and again. They have been through each stage of the baby’s development and found a dock to be exactly what they needed.

“I love the DockATot. I used this from my first child and it never failed me. I’m using this again for my 2nd one.” - Janine W

“It was one of the most used items we received… Since we couldn't live without our Dock, we bought one for my cousin’s baby!” - Megan K

7. It makes the perfect gift

Grandparents are known for loving to spoil, and what better way than to buy something luxurious that will be used every day. Having experienced parenthood themselves, a grandparent appreciates the need for a few minutes peace for tired new parents!

"Purchased for my daughter and our first, newborn granddaughter. By far my favourite and most valuable new mommy-baby purchase ! My granddaughter loves it and I just wish they had been available 30 years ago!" - Carey Ann S.

“I sent this as a gift for my daughter-in-law, and she loves it. I fell in love with the pattern. If you're looking for a versatile gift that has a WOW factor and good quality, this is it! This product will remain my go to gift." - Irene M

“I have purchased 3 of these products for my great grandchildren and one friend. They all love the product.” - Katherine B

A DockATot Deluxe+ dock also makes a popular baby shower gift. It’s a great way to treat the mum-to-be with something that will make such a difference to those challenging first months of motherhood.

Is A DockATot Worth It?

We pride ourselves in the luxurious quality of our products, making them something to be sought after and treasured.

And when it comes to that golden question –“Is a DockATot worth it?” - just speak to any parent who has one, and we are confident they will tell you it is indeed worth every penny.

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