Sleepyhead of Sweden Becomes DockATot

  • Hannah Bradford
  • March 08, 2021
Sleepyhead of Sweden has now merged with our global sister company, to bring you DockATot! We’ll still offer you the finest quality baby and nursery accessories in the most beautiful designs and fabrics, as well as many exciting new products to look out for. Read on to find out more about the Sleepyhead UK DockATot rebrand and what you can expect to see coming over the next few months.

Why is Sleepyhead now DockATot?

It has been humbling to see the overwhelming support from our communities as both Sleepyhead and DockATot have grown. It is with great excitement that we usher in a new chapter and Sleepyhead adopts the name of our sister brand, DockATot. Embracing a singular brand name will bring together our loyal community of parents and in dockatot deluxe william morris

What is a DockATot baby dock?

A DockATot baby dock is what we’ve previously referred to as our Sleepyhead Deluxe+ pods and Sleepyhead Grand pods. They’re award-winning multi-functional baby loungers loved by parents around the world for use in the nursery, home and beyond.
sleepyhead of sweden dockatot dock

The DockATot dock creates a comfortable and soothing environment for your baby to enjoy supervised play and rest. It reinvents the womb environment, maintaining a comfortable microclimate that helps babies to feel safe and calm. 

Keeping little ones secure as they explore the world around them through play, the DockATot is a brilliant way to facilitate tummy time comfortably. With the addition of the DockATot toy arch, it also makes the perfect sensory space for your baby to entertain themselves as they develop their motor skills.

Like our Sleepyhead pods, DockATot docks are still…

  • Produced in Europe with the greatest care
  • Lovingly made from the finest quality Oeko-Tex certified materials, guaranteed to be soft and gentle on your child’s skin 
  • Available in the most wonderful choice of beautiful patterns and designs to complement your home interiors.

Explore our collection of DockATot Deluxe+ and DockATot Grand baby loungers. 

What’s next for Dockatot?

As we say goodbye to our Sleepyhead of Sweden branding, we’re so excited to share some beautiful new designs, stylish new baby products and luxurious home accessories for you to enjoy. Shop our new luxury William Morris Collection now!dockatot william morris collection

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